Van Mahotsav: A Celebration of Nature

Parul Nagpal
6th September 2021

Van Mahotsav or Vanamahotsava quite literally means a celebration by the forest or a forest festival. This is the central theme of our latest collection- a celebration of life and all its life forms.
The lockdown(s) during this manic pandemic have been hard on all of us. The last few months/years have been difficult to say the least.But these very lockdowns also gave the natural world a rare opportunity to reclaim the land we took from them. It also gave us a chance to witness the joy of other life forms as they took their rightful place among the trees and the flowing water. 
The newspapers and the internet were host to numerous reports and articles on the revival in wildlife since the pandemic began. From a herd of spotted deer seen on the streets of Haridwar ,to the tiny Olive Ridley turtles dotting the country’s coastline, and the critically endangered Ganges dolphins making a return to the ghats of Kolkata.Such instances were reported the world over. Nature took back what was once rightfully hers, as people were forced to stay at home.What a paradox, is it not?



With the decrease in air pollution and CO2 levels, the lockdown was an opportunity for Nature to refresh and restore itself. The gorgeous photos of snow capped Himalayas that were visible from many parts of the country were a treat to sore eyes! This was a moment of celebration for those whose natural habitat we so ruthlessly exploited over the years.Ironic, isn't it? It took a lockdown for us to realise our folly in denying nature’s habitants their home for so long. It is this very home that we seek in moments of sheer distress when the world feels too much. Nature has always had a restoring effect on our mind and bodies,yet we abuse this relationship so mercilessly. 
This time has been a reminder that while we live, we need to be conscious of our footprint on the ecosystem not just for our own sakes and our future generation, but also for those we share this planet with. This Earth belongs to us all, nature belongs to us all, equally. We all live on borrowed land, the trees don't belong to you more than they belong to the wildlife. We should live in a way that allows Nature to heal itself before it can provide for us. This time will hopefully serve as a reminder that we must be mindful of our existence in all aspects of life. One can hope that these changes brought on by the lockdown will not be a temporary trend rather a new way of life where people find solace in nature and co-exist in harmony.


Our Van Mahotsav collection is a hope for a better world, one where we all live and prosper together. Van Mahotsav is a celebration of a thriving forest in the Monsoons. Lush greenery, dancing peacocks, trees fruiting and rejoicing animals. Cypress and banana trees, deers and peacocks have been block printed by hand on the softest cotton. Hues of blue and green have been used extensively in this collection to capture the mood of Monsoon. Our products are hand block printed on cotton and we use Azo free dyes in order to reduce the harmful impact of production on nature. 


This beautiful collection of block printed Bed Linen, Curtains, Table and Kitchen Linen is perfect for a home ready to welcome the monsoons. Shop our range of exclusive designs from Van Mahotsav across soft furnishings, towels, rugs, ceramics and more!



Parul Nagpal is a retail professional who enjoys spending her time with doggies, decorating spaces, day dreaming, eating and cooking.


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