Things to keep in mind when setting up a new home

By Jyoti Singh
Setting up a new house? At the risk of sounding trite, I would reiterate the cliche ‘your home is the reflection of your soul’. Setting up a new house is definitely an adventure that is both enjoyable and nerve-racking at the same time.We hope this checklist provides you with some much needed direction and relief while you undertake this very important task of setting up your roots!

Add Colour to your abode

So if your soul yearns for cheerful conviviality then, add colour you must! Colours have a very important role to play in home designing not just for what they add to a space but also for the effect they have on the inhabitants of that space.Warm colours like orange, red and yellow can instil a sense of energy in the ambience and its inhabitants alike.  Whereas, cooler colours like blue, green and purple create a relaxing environment and a sense of calm. 
It is understandable that confidence in applying varied colours in a given space may give nightmares to people as  imagining a space with rainbow colours is out of our conditioned mindset. 
We subconsciously, without giving too much thought to what we are choosing, end up picking ‘more acceptable colours’ for our homes. This conditioning does limit our sense of adventure in design.

Soft furnishings to transform your living space.

If you are not too confident about the kaleidoscopic spattering, then  go for a staidly painted wall in any safe, neutral colour and then experiment with colourful soft furnishings and decor items such as wall hangings, upholstery, cushions and rugs to name a few. 
Cushions, apart from adding the much needed dash of colour in the otherwise simple room, accentuate the piece of furniture they are placed on.
They are not only cost effective but can also keep the home looking new and cheerful if changed seasonally. Like Rome, homes are not made in a day. For young homeowners/tenants with money and time constraints, experimentation with cushions, rugs and wall art, is a good way to have a happy looking home, till they can actually realise their dream home. 
Rugs and cushions are like those simple pleasures of life that can not be avoided or neglected for the sheer delight they add to your ambience. These are some inexpensive ways to make a home cozy and comfortable and truly your own.

Buy those Cushions!

Cushions build a unique ambiance to create warmth that makes a house a home. The importance of cushions is not purely decorative, it also adds comfortable propping support to the person sitting. It’s also a very smart, effective and affordable way of bringing about the much needed change in your decor.  
Cushions add the much needed energy in otherwise lacklustre homes at a very minimal cost. Of late I’ve been skimming  through some cushions available online and one brand that really appealed to me is #Rihaa. 
They have rediscovered and rekindled the love for Indian traditional handicrafts and weaves in me. The fascinating Kutch embroidery with bold mirror work is absolutely stunning and just a few cushions here and there can jazz up your room. 

Don't ignore those floors-Rugs to the rescue.

Traditionally Indians have had very colourful interiors where the floors were certainly not neglected. Mostly in bygone days Indians would use the locally available stones or skill to enhance their homes .Though these days,  flooring is expensive, still they lack the sense of aesthetic appeal and its boring continuity needs that cheerful intrusion which can be provided beautifully by the rugs and the correctly chosen ones can do a lot in lighting up the place.
Rugs like cushions add certain warmth and character to the rooms they adorn. They are the visual pathways that connect different areas of the house.
A spectacular master piece of a rug can adorn a wall most beautifully. You can make your own style statement with the choice and unique placement of rugs as and runners. #Rihaa rugs are an adorable option again.

Statement Linen is in.

Be it Bed Linen or Table Linen, statement pieces never fail to impress. Unique block prints in colours that pop can make dull rooms look lively and inviting without burning a hole in your pocket. Bed Sheets and Quilts help create a lived in space and curtains add a touch of whimsical to an otherwise boring window or doorway.
These fillers and home accessories are easy on the pocket and easier to maintain as well.Made with natural dyes and raw material they are also a responsible choice for the conscious hearts. 
Do check out Rihaa’s exclusive designs to add character and uniqueness to your corners.
I am Jyoti and I'm an artist by profession. I am forever on the hunt for creating spaces that epitomise expressive living.
Eclectic yet timeless, my designs echo the seamless blend of vintage treasures and earthy hues. We at Jyo's nest design homes emblematic of what embodies the individual living in it-homes, we believe, are breathing spaces.
Follow us at @jyos_nest_design on Instagram for home decor and styling tips.

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