Pursuit of Mohabbat: The love story of handmade

Mohabbat, our upcoming festive collection, has been in the works since January. Yes, you read that right. Handmade is a time intensive process. 

Jut Embroidery from Kutch

Mohabbat at has been a labour of love; not only mine, but of the 800 people who have worked on it. Rugs have been handwoven, cushions embroidered by hand. Blocks have been carved, then stamped. Quilts have been quilted, plates have been painted. I can go on and on. 

Resistance Dyeing


Seven craft clusters have worked on this collection- a collection inspired by the intensity, surrender and magic of love. How does one begin to depict an emotion like love across various media? I never doubted the emotions of the artisans; I know the reverence they have for their craft- but for the audience- for you- what could I have done to make you feel feelings when you see a hand embroidered cushion from deep in the Kutchi desert? I hope the themes of whirling sufi dervishes, lush, heady gardens and intricate archways will lead you down that path.

I hope you, too, will feel the stirring of deep, deep emotion when you receive your new Rihaa products, and share them with your Mohabbat this festive season over a plate of peanut chikki :)


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