Shaalimar Dhurrie

Rs. 16,200

The Shaalimar Dhurrie took 4 months to create. Was it a labour of love? Absolutely. Each yarn was dyed specially for this project. The variegated base of rusts, reds and yellows was painstakingly coloured by the Rangrezas of UP. Tones were matched. Swatches made. Then came the weaving. 
The intricate pattern of cypresses and Himalayan poppies took a month to perfect. Then began the weaving. Amid lockdowns and the rain, weaving was continued by a family of poor Dhurrie makers in UP. So now we have Shaalimar. 

Sizes:  2.5x6, 6x4 and 5x8, 8x10 Feet

Material: Wool Cotton

Care instructions: Wash in cold water at home or dry clean.

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