Sardi - Bagh printed cotton Khes

Rs. 2,650

Based on the Kheses of our co-founder Bahaar’s childhood in Madhya Pradesh, we bring you premium quality cotton Kheses from the place she grew up.

Let us take you along on a journey of how our Kheses came to be


First, Khadi Kheses- Handspun and Handwoven in soft Katran were sourced from the Khadi Bhandar in Morena, MP. These were then transported to Bagh, in Dhar district across MP to a Master craftsman for printing that took 6 weeks to be done. Washed in the river Bagh, our Kheses are authentic and true to the art form. These were then finished in Jaipur with soft cotton lining fabric. 
Truly, madly, deeply Indian. Like us.

Size: 56x86”

Wash gently in cold water. 
Dry Cleaning preferred. 

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