Multicolour Agothi Mirrorwork Cushion

Rs. 4,950

Made in the white deserts of Kutch, our Agothi cushions are an exclusive offering only for the festive season. Made in fair trade with the few remaining women of the small Jat community, this embroidery is made by twirling thread along a thin needle and pushing it through the fabric. 
Each cushion has taken a single woman 45 days to make. The embroidery has been done on black cloth which cannot be seen as densely packed embroidery stitches cover the cloth. 

DISCLAIMER: Each cushion, while with a similar colour theme has different colours in different places  as it has been embroidered by multiple women whose creative freedom has been maintained. Please WhatsApp us in case you want to see the available combinations :) 

  • Size: 12x20”
  • Back made of organic Kala Cotton 
  • Made in conjunction with co-operatives
  • Fillers/Inserts sold separately

About the Artisans

The Fakirani Jats are nomadic camel breeders much like the Rabaris and have close ties with them. Embroidered by the women of Jat community of Kutch, Agothi embroidery is made by  each thread being wound around itself along a long needle. This makes their embroidery very textured and unique. Traditionally worn as a yoke to their tops, the embroidery once worn out is hung on a tree and allowed to disintegrate naturally.

Each Agothi cushion was handmade through fair trade with co-operatives that support the women belonging to this community.

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