Mud-work Lippan Wooden basket

Rs. 2,300
Our Lippan trays are a versatile medium to store your stationary, make up, flowers and other accessories!
Handmade in Banni, Kutch by one of the very few remaining Lippan Artists, our wooden trays are a modern take on the traditional craft.

Lippan kaam traditionally is done on walls of the mud huts that the tribesmen live in. It is done on the exterior to reflect back the sharp sunlight and indoors to maximize the effect of a single candle as a light source. Over the years, as modern construction techniques have gained popularity, this gentle craft has been dying out. Our Lippan collection is our endeavor to help revive it.


Made with natural clay on wooden ply trays.
Depth: 3.5 inches
Width: 8 inches
Length: 12 inches

Weight: 1300g

Care instructions:

Extremely delicate as clay is natural. Not for rough use. Keep dry at all times, away from air draft. May be painted over in any colour if desired.


Our Lippan work has been done by artisans in Banni. It is completely handmade. Please allow for variations and small defects that always accompany hand made products.

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