Set of 2 Assorted Palmyra Winnowing baskets

Rs. 2,980 Rs. 3,200

At Rihaa we are always looking to Innovate and bring new life to objects of tradition and culture of our diverse country. Who would have thought that winnowing baskets woven using Palmyra leaves would look so amazing on a wall?! We certainly did! So here are our wall plates in 4 colour combinations inspired by the Gopurams of South India and handcrafted by the women of Pandya Nadu!

These baskets have been made in conjunction with NGOs that aim to provide employment to rural artisans of Tamil Nadu. The Palmyra leaves are cut into strips and dyed in natural colours before being woven by hand.

Dimensions: 14x17”

Available with loops on the back

Please mention the preference of the pieces you would like in your order notes

”1” for Pink and Yellow Madurai

”2” for Green, Pink and Yellow Tanjore

”3” for Violet and orange Salem

”4” for Indigo and pink Nilgiri

Also available as single pieces, sets of 3 and sets of 4!

Note: Since the product uses natural materials and has been crafted by hand, small variations and artefacts may be present

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