When thinking of the human experience, nothing seems more synonymous than the most passionate feeling of them all: Love. It makes us live through everything that life throws at us- happiness, sadness, anger, and all others that make us human. From the butterflies in your stomach when you see someone for the first time, to the love that ends in tears and shatters your soul, let Rihaa take your emotions on a journey through the different phases of love in our latest collection: Mohabbat.



Khushi is the first phase of love, one of innocence and excitement. Nothing satisfies the soul other than the thought of the beloved; attaining their love seems like the only way to self-actualize. It is defined through all things glee- like butterflies in your stomach. Colours are brighter, flowers more fragrant.


Gul is a phase of calm, on having attained the love of your beloved. It is a peace unlike others, in which life seems to be moving blissfully, languidly. A walk through a garden in full bloom; of cherry blossoms, irises and poppies.

Moroccan Vibes

This is the phase after heartbreak, one that is constrained by blacks and whites, and intense, all-consuming feelings. Life is in high contrast. It is the realization of reality, and coming to terms with our own sense. It is personified through intricate, deliberate designs and doorways to the future.

Starry Sky

The storm may be raging around you, but now, you’re calm. This is the phase of self-reflection, categorized by looking up into the sky and realizing your oneness with the eternal. It is a calm in your own company, with an acknowledgement of the love that once was. It is reflected through dark, soothing colours and twinkling stars. The universe is speaking with you.


The final phase, this one is about enlightenment. It is about falling in love with yourself, of dancing with yourself. After all, you were not sent to be miserable. You were sent on Earth to flourish and be happy. So dance, my love. You are enough.

Launching on 29.8.2022