Indigo Kaju Katli - Rabari Mirror-work cushions

Rs. 2,450

These cushions feature kaju katli or diamond shaped mirrors hand embroidered by the women of the Rabari community of Kutch. The mirrors are embroidered onto handspun and handwoven organic Kala cotton. Dyed by the rangrezas of Kutch 

  • Made in conjunction with NGOs
  • Size: 12x20”
  • Fillers sold separately 
  • dyed in real Indigo

Care Instructions:

  • Spot clean gently in cold water
  • Handle with care. Mirrors are fragile
  • When not in use, please place individually in the bubble wrap envelope provided

The Rabaris are a nomadic herding community of Kutch and probably migrated to India from Iran through Balochistan. While the men graze and breed camels, the women embroider with shards of glass melted from the sands of Kutch. The tradition behind their embroidery is that once a girl is born within a family, her mother embroiders elaborate clothes and other articles in preparation for her dowry while simultaneously teaching her daughter the craft. The cooperative we work with helps ensure sustainable employment for these women through their craft.

Each piece has been lovingly handcrafted for you by a Rabari woman working with a cooperative in Kutch. Please allow for slight variations and artefact that accompany handmade work.

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