India Box

Rs. 2,850

The India Box is a subscription box service to bring to you the most beautiful and unique features of our diverse country! We will keep the identity of the month a surprise for you to enjoy when you receive your box! 
In India, every 100 km the language, food, culture and crafts change. We’ve found the perfect way to introduce you to this exciting new world. 

Each box contains:

  • A textile craft
  • A paper craft 
  • A spice
  • A snack 
  • Pamphlets explaining the above
  • A local story or folklore! 

We currently have available subscriptions of 1,3 or 6 months! Each box will be sent out in the second week of a new month. Please note, the items will be different each month, and may not reflect the photos. 

  • 1 month Rs. 2,850.00 You save 0%
  • 3 months Rs. 2,499.00 You save 12%
  • 6 months Rs. 2,250.00 You save 21%