Azure Handwoven Cane Tray

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 2,350

Handwoven sustainably in Nagaland using locally sourced cane and bamboo. Each piece sold separately  

Internal diameters: 12” and 14” respectively 

Maximum dimensions: 13x13x4” and 15x15x5” respectively 

About the craft

From small disposable baskets for carrying eggs and chickens to bridges and woven walls of houses, bamboo and cane weaving form an intrinsic part of the lives of the people of Nagaland, even having gained ritualistic status in some tribes. While they grow freely in the wild, people today also grow bamboo in their immediate surroundings for ease of access while continuing to collect cane from the forests.

Man weaving cane trays

Traditionally, the craft was performed by the men of the family. Once the bamboo is flattened and stripped, it is dyed and woven. In the final step after weaving, it is fired so as to burn off any excess strands and fibres that may be exposed. 

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